SenseBurn will be a safe, low cost, portable and non-invasive microwave sensor based diagnostic tool for burn analysis. It will facilitate an early diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of burn patients by providing accurate and reliable diagnosis data regarding burn depth and area.

The tool will effectively and accurately diagnose the actual burn depth and area and enable early medical intervention of the burn injuries. SenseBurn is supported by 3 innovations; a non-invasive microwave burn-depth sensor, 3D burn area image and intelligent software that estimate burn profile from clinical trials.

SenseBurn is a MedTech innovation project funded by European Union’s innovation program Eurostars to develop and commercialise an advanced burn diagnostic tool.

The Eurostars consortium consists of Uppsala Univeristy, Akademiska Sjukhuset , Uppsala and Hytton Technologies (Sweden) and RISC Software and Informatics Healthcare (Austria) and Datametrix (Switzerland).


SenseBurn will be a non-invasive burn depth diagnostic tool that will provide accurate burn data to facilitate early medical intervention for burn patients.


Consortium Members

Uppsala University, Sweden

Uppsala University is the oldest university in Sweden, founded in 1477.

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Akademiska sjukhuset, Sweden

Akademiska sjukhuset in Uppsala, Sweden is the university hospital for the Uppsala University Faculty of Medicine.

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Hytton Technologies AB, Sweden

Hytton embraces Life Science, Technology and Innovation.

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Datametrix AG, Switzerland

Datametrix is a Swiss clinical research organization with a strong heritage in statistical analysis and programming, clinical data management and medical writing.

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RISC Software GmbH, Austria

RISC Software GmbH performs research and development for industrial partners since the company’s foundation in 1992. The core competences symbolic computation, mathematics and computer science are applied to develop remarkable software solutions in logistics informatics, applied scientific computation, medical informatics and advanced computing technologies.

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INFORMATICS Healthcare GmbH, Austria

INFORMATICS is an Austrian IT Consulting Company, specialized on SAP Solutions.

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